Description The Carnatic was a 90 meters goelette with a vapor machine. It has been built in1862. The 12th of September in the evening the Carnatic was navigating between Suez and Bombay. The Suez Canal was still not opened. The boat got on board 230 passengers, mails for the British living in India and a lot of wine. The 13th of September the boat went completely on the Abu Nuhas reef. At the beginning the boat didn’t have big damages and the passengers stayed in the boat. But the boat, the Sumatra, who should come to help them, was late and the wind became stronger. Suddenly the boat was broken in two parts. 27 passengers died and the others got the time to get the launches and join the Shadwan island.

Depth 18-27

Difficulty Advanced

Type Wreck

What You Expect to Find Many different types of corals

Recommendation Please do not touch anything under water.

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