general sales Conditions & Terms

General Conditions are subject to the Egyptian Law

           Particular Sales Conditions

Terms and conditions sets out how we process personal data (including information) relating to individuals who are booking or enquiring about booking travel services with or through us or who are the recipients of any travel services booked with or through us (e.g. you are the passenger for a booking or booking enquiry made by someone else for you), or who are customers or potential customers or recipients of travel services that can be booked with or through us.

A: Rates

Our products (programs, excursions, packages, courses, transfers, accommodation, etc…) mention what is included in the prices and what is not.

In general, the costs of vaccines, visas, Beverages (drinks), tips, personal expenses, museum and monument admissions, excursions and optional are not included in our prices unless otherwise stated as well as all activities during free times/ days. Children up to 12 years old very often benefit from a reduction on the prices. The prices indicated on our price table have no contractual value and are confirmed at the time of booking. They are shown in Euro but you still can pay with some other currencies such as: english pound, swiss franck, usd dollars and japaneese yen, the prices are established at the start of the season on an exchange rate of 1 euro = 0.90 usd. We reserve the right to revise our sales prices in the event of currency fluctuations, variation in transport costs (in particular in the event a  fuel fluctuation) or an increase in any other component of the prices. This possible revision applies to all customers already registered or on the way to register. For passengers already registered, however, we undertake not to revise our prices upwards, within 30 days of departure. In the event of an increase of more than 15%, the possibility is given to customers already registered to cancel their trip without charge.


From the moment the deposit is paid, the customer acknowledges having read the description of the chosen product, the general and special conditions of sale and all the information and reservations appearing in our brochures, media or our website and the accepts in full. In the event of unavailability and / or change of an element of the trip, Dive Trek may offer the customer one or more alternative solutions. Neither the customer nor Dive Trek and / or its service providers is bound by this new offer. If the customer wishes to accept the offer submitted to him, the process applied will be the same as for a new registration


A deposit of at least 30% must be paid by the customer for the reservation to be validated.The customer expressly recognizes this clause and fully assumes itFor default of payment or insufficient deposit within the time limits set, the customer is liable to de looking for new stays and possibly assume the price difference.

D: Cancellation


D4: Force majeures
- War, hijacking, riotes, commotion civil, or rébellion, interférence of authorties or  officials, sanctions, réquisition, seizure by légal jugements, quarantaine, fires, explosion, tempt, accidents, défaillance on the boat or its machines or its equipements;

- Labor disputes, strikes or lockouts, actual or threatened, employees or agents or of any other person;  

- Lack of assurance to the satisfaction of Dive Trek of suitable navigation fuel;
- Any act, neglect, default or omission of any sub-contractor or person on whom Dive Trek relies to perform any of the obligations under this Agreement;
- The refusal or untimely granting or withdrawal of authorisation or permits required for any navigation permit.

E: Disputes
In case of dispute, the Egyptian courts will have sole jurisdiction to resolve disputes.

We draw attention to the fact that in some countries, the economic and social situation may be temporarily modified due to particular events such as religious holidays, public holidays and other local customs. It is not possible to indicate in detail these events given their diversity.

G: LOCAL SPECIALITY (National Holidays) 
Civil festivals:

January 25 Revolution day

April 25 Liberation of Sinai
May 1 Labor Day

July 23 Liberation Day
October 6 Armed Forces Day

Religious holidays:

January 1 New Years Day

January 7 Coptic Christmas

March 9 Mouloud Date changing every year

Sham el-Nassim (Coptic Easter) Date changing every year

Bairam Festival (End of Ramadan) Date changing every year

Great Islamic Holiday Date changing every year

Islamic New Year

H: Website

The writing of this site is the object of our greatest attention. However, it may happen that writing errors in text, dates, prices or photos have crept in. If this eventuality occurs, the prices and applicable dates will be given at the time of booking and confirmed on the order form / invoice.


In case of dispute, the Egyptian courts will have sole jurisdiction to resolve disputes.