Marsa Alam

place Marsa Alam

About 220 km south of Hurghada lies Marsa Alam; a tropical paradise boasting rich blue sea with coral reef barriers, paradisiacal beaches and palm trees. It’s among the fastest growing holiday resorts on the Red Sea Riviera, and is popular with windsurfers, scuba divers, snorkelers and sun worshipers fortunate enough to have already discovered the resort’s remote tranquility.

For diving enthusiasts, Marsa Alam’s diving sites are considered to be a glorious treasure waiting to be discovered, boasting beautiful coral reefs and an abundance of magnificently colored sea life where spinner dolphins and sea turtles swim freely.

Adventure seekers have plenty of attractions to discover in the deserts near Marsa Alam. Visitors can go on quad bikes or jeep safaris off-road into the desert, and combine it with a visit to a Bedouin village, marking an unforgettable and adventurous experience. A mouthwatering barbecue dinner and a camel ride cannot be missed while visiting a Bedouin village.

If history is what you’re after, then this is the right city. It is believed that the Pharaohs mined brilliant green emeralds in the mountainous areas of the Eastern Desert southwest of Marsa Alam. The Cleopatra Mines or Mons Smaragdus became the most famous mining complex in the ancient world, and at various times the mines at Wadi Gemal , Wadi Nuqrus and Gebel Zabara were in use during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods. If you are interested in tracing back the Roman glory, the Roman Settlement of Myos Hormos is not far from Marsa Alam.

Being a relatively remote location that enjoys a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, Marsa Alam is considered the ideal destination for honeymooners. As the night falls, the stars light up the sky and Marsa Alam is magically transformed into a romantic getaway. Cuddling up on the beach or in one of the many cozy cafes along the water and watching the countless shooting stars, while drinking freshly brewed tea definitely qualifies as a perfect end to the day.

With crystal blue waters, tranquil sandy beaches, and the mysterious touch of the desert, Marsa Alam is the ideal gateway from a mundane life and conventional vacation spots.