place Safaga

53 kilometers south of Hurghada, stands Safaga, an ancient marine port that is renowned for its unpolluted atmosphere, black sand dunes and mineral springs. Safaga is considered Egypt’s primary phosphate export center and vital marine port. It’s also an exceptionally important therapeutic destination, offering its visitors an extraordinary potential of curing psoriasis, rheumatoid, arthritis, mild neck and back aliment, and improving blood circulation. It also has an enormous effect for skin treatment and beautification purposes.

Safaga’s pure beaches and stiff breezes make it an outstanding spot for diving holidays . In spite of being an eminent diving and snorkeling site, Safaga is more renowned for kite and wind surfing which made it the ideal setting for the 1993 World Windsurfing Championship.

It also makes a perfect base for sightseeing, with the desert to the west holding as many treasures on dry land as the Red Sea holds beneath the surface to the east.

Day trips by speed boats to the Fire Wall , Forbidden Reef , and the ferry wreck of Arish El Tor can be coordinated with local guides. Furthermore, trips could be arranged to the famous Tobia Islands , Panorama of Abu Qitan towering reefs, and the legendary Mons Claudianus , the ruins of a Roman Settlement dating back to 68 A.D where granite buildings rocks from surrounding mountains were used for the sole purpose of beautifying Imperial Rome.