Carless Reef

Description Carless Reef is the most famous coral shoal in the coastal area of Hurghada. This dive site is situated one hour of Hurghada, it is a mid sea reef plateau pushing up from the Abyss.
The reef itself centers on two peaks or pinnacles which brush the surface in an otherwise open sea. The valley between these pinnacles is about 12 m deep, and offers a wide range of dive possibilities for those not interested in deep diving. A few meters east of the saddle, a steep wall drops well beyond 40m, with a contoured profile offering many caves and coverlets for the more experienced diver. Large gorgonians, pushing black corals, coral fish and moray eels (large population of semi-tame moray eels), and some white tip sharks.

Depth 12-40

Difficulty Advanced

Type Big fish , Deep dive , Drift dive , Reef garden , Sharks , Drop off , coral garden , Corals Pinnacles , Channel

What You Expect to Find chance you can admire giant morays and white tip sharks.

Recommendation beautiful coral garden