Shaab El Erg / Dolphin Reef / House

Description Dolphin Reef is around 1,5 hours northeast of El Gouna. The reef is engraved by a small channel at the northern part of Shab el Erg. The mooring places are on the southern side and protected by the reef. Under the boat, there is a sandy area in a depth of around 36 feet (11m). There are different possibilities to dive this site. Going around the reef, starting from west to be protected from the northern current. In the channel, there is usually current, but not very often it will be too strong to swim against it.

Depth 13 m (43 feet)

Difficulty Advanced

Type Reef , dolphins

What You Expect to Find Dolphins; also turtles and eagle rays can be seen

Recommendation "Don't expect to see prolific coral, so instead pick a few square metres of reef and investigate this at a micro level. This is particularly good when night diving here", Rik Vercoe, BSAC Advanced