Siyul Al Kebira

Description Around 1,30 hours north of El Gouna, Siyoul Kebira Island offers a perfect dive site. The dive site covers the entire eastern part of the island. At the mooring point of the boat you will have sandy bottom at a depth of around 30 feet. Two big coral blocks starting in a depth of 30 feet going down to 66 feet are the first attractions of your dive. You can find moray eels, scorpion fish, lionfish and a group of Banner fish on the plateau. The reef then slopes down to around 100 feet. In this area there is a leopard shark, if you get lucky. Following the reef contour, in a depth of 60 feet there is another block with glassfish, big table corals and Gorgonias. After this block it’s time to turn and return to the reef and back to the boat. Turtles, rays, octopus, giant puffer fish and a lot more are frequent visitors at this dive site.

Depth 15-30 m

Difficulty Advanced

Type Island

What You Expect to Find Moray eels, scorpion fish, lionfish, Banner fish, leopard shark, glassfish, turtles, rays, octopus

Recommendation "The west side of the reef is very different to the east side, with a deeper drop off and more vertical wall", Rik Vercoe